Выставка собак в Эстонии

"Narva Dog Show"


Exhibition in Estonia

NEW!!! We carry out additional registration!!!


Dear participants in our show
Narva Dog Show 17-18.07.2021

Because of COVID-19 we had to postpone our show several times. Many participants had to change their dogs, many forwarded their registration to their friends. To be sure that we have not lost anyone, please check the list of participants.

The list is prepared on 23.06.2021.

For sure there will be additions and changes.
In case of any questions, please inform us immediately by sending us an e-mail to:
jbragin@mail.ru, narvakks@gmail.com
We can accept changes until 30.06.2021


Dog Show 17-18.07.2021
Vana Olgina Mõis
Vana-Olgina tänav, 40103,
Narva-Jõesuu, Ida-Viru maakond www.olgina-mois.ee
tel. +372 5054598

Parking Auto-Caravan.
Advance seat reservations can be made by e-mail: vanaolgina@gmail.com


New! Dear friends!

Narva Koertekasvatajate Selts is going to hold an outdoor dog show on 17-18.07.2021.
The location of the show is Vana-Olgina Mõis

The situation in Estonia with COVID 19 is still very tense.
Right now a relatively large number of dogs have been registered to our show - all dogs have been transferred from our earlier shows that we had to postpone.
We cannot open additional registration until the situation with the restrictions is clear.
As soon as things become more clear, we will immediately post the information on our website.
If there is a possibility to register more dogs to the show, we will do so. Please follow the information on our website and on the website of the Estonian Kennel Union.

Chairman of Narva Koertekasvatajate Selts
Jevgeni Bragin


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