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"Narva Dog Show"
CACiB x2


Dear registered participants of Narva 14.-15.03 dog show!

The new dates of our international shows
are 28.-29.11.2020 (2xCACIB)

Registration to the shows on 28.-29.11.2020 for the participants, who paid for the registration to the shows on 14.-15.03.2020:
dogs will be registered for free based on a written application of the participant.
Please send confirmation by 31.05.2020
You can change classes.
You can change the dog.
There will be no cash refund.
For the participants who registered with a guarantee letter, we will cancel the guarantee letter. Such participants do not owe us anything. In case such a participant wishes to register for our shows on new dates, they will have to re-register by sending all documents and participation fees in accordance with the new prices.
We strive to have the same judging panel.
More precise information regarding judges will follow later.
Official registration for the exhibition on 28-29.11.2020 will begin on 01.07.2020.

Hoping for your understanding. Sincerely yours
Chairman of the Narva Dog Breeders Society
Evgeny Bragin


NikaDogsTour/Julia Smolkina Team
(the beginning of tours from November)
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